Country Flags

Woven/Knitted Polyester flags, fade proof, Water proof and durable. Made in Italy.

Size:- 100 x150cm

Cutlery & Crockery

Country Flag Note :-

  • The flags can be make in any size in knitted polyester fabric.
  • Other material option are also available like Poly cotton, Glossy vinyl printed sheets etc .
  • Hoisting flags, Table Flags , Flags badges etc are also available.
Cutlery and crockery Note :-

  • Food grade stainless steel Cutlery is offered to ensure the health standards.
  • High quality crockery in plain and design patterns are also available

Laundry Bags / Shoe Bags

Available In:-- Polypropylene, Poly cotton, Heavy Duty Canvas , Poly Cotton Drill Material, 100% Polyster, Mesh Material

Color:- In many color option

Poly cotton drill

material Size: 45 x 70cm


Material Size:- 40 x 60cm

Heavy Duty Canvas

material Size :- 70 x 100c

Shoe Bag

Poly Cotton

material size:- 45 x 70cm

Mesh Laundry Bag

Size :- 60 x 76cm 45 x 70cm & 60 x 90cm

100% Polyester Laundry Bag

Size : 70 x 90cm

Storage Bag

Color : White
Available In :- Polypropylene & Poly cotton Material

Laundry Bag Note :

  • Laundry bags can be stitched in many fabrics.
  • To tie it up, the laundry bags are supplied with nylon rope and lock.
Storage Bag Note :-
  • In normal practice extra pillow bags are in poly propylene material with zipper but can be modified.

House keeping Items

Paddle Dust bins

Sign Stand

Queue Barrier

Linens Trolley

Standing Ash Tray

Extra Foldable Bed

Iron board

Male Anti Theft Hanger

Female Hanger

Baby Cot

Electric Kettle

House Keeping Trolley

Satin Hanger

Rectangular Banquet Chair

Bathroom scale

Welcome tray

House Keeping items Note :

  • The items shown here are just for illustration purpose.
  • Size, Color, Models can differ the pictures